Something new: saving faces

Hong Kong's concrete-box apartment blocks are a frequent subject of Daphne Mandel's work. In one painting, elaborate scenes are detailed in miniature inside each apartment window

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Something new: custom-blend coffee

It is a city where tailor-made clothes are not unusual, where macaroons are jetted in daily from France and where helicopters take off for Macau - 68 kilometres away - every half an hour.

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Six Degrees – South China Morning Post

I wrote a regular column called Six Degrees for the South China Morning Post's Sunday Magazine. The weekly column was a humorous and informative exploration of connections between six celebrities and well-known historical figures.

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In the eye of the storm – South China Morning Post

Each year, some of the world’s most dramatic storms form over the Pacific Ocean before churning across the sea and slamming into the coast of southern China. This interactive multimedia piece looks at some of the most dramatic and deadly storms in Hong Kong's history, and consider what can be learned from the destruction and recovery.

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Six Degrees – 10 May, 2014

Hayao Miyazaki is the subject of an exhibition that opens on Wednesday at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The Japanese animator, mangaka, film director, producer and screenwriter’s 50- year career...

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Six Degrees – 26 November, 2014

The Flaming Lips are scheduled to wrap up the Clockenflap festival tonight in West Kowloon. Fans will doubtlessly be expecting some of the psychedelic rock group's trademark stage antics...

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