Nat's double-barrelled surname has means he's always had two options. Right now, Pelle is simpler.
Music: Bass Walker by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License



P E double L E, hyphen, S A V A G E. It’s one name. That’s what a hyphen does. Pelle and Savage.

Pelle is my father’s name. My dad was born in Balmain and he was born to Italian immigrants. Antonio and Maria. Savage is my mum’s name. I think I used the name Savage a lot more in primary school and use the name Pelle a lot more in high school. Yeah, that’s what I use now. Because it’s simpler. People are pretty used to ethnic names, I think. Especially Italian names. Sometimes you get an A Y on the end. 

Yeah, I like both of my sides of my name and I struggle sometimes with the fact that I’ve dropped the Savage off. Because Nat Savage is a pretty good name. I could use that for some kind of persona, I reckon. And Nat Pelle works pretty well, too. Savage Pelle. That’s how my Twitter handle is. Savage Nat Pelle. 

I’ve used both names together and I’ve used just Savage and I’ve used just Pelle, and that’s what I use now. It got… it got tough. Some people don’t know what a hyphen is. Yeah, some people don’t get double-barrelled names. I got Pelle Sav(ah)ge. A lot of people thought it was a French double barrel. Yeah. 

I have an equally good relationship with my mum and my dad, very different relationships. We converse differently and yeah, some of me regrets that I don’t use my mum’s name more, and I worry that I don’t do justice to it.