Will McCallum's name is Scottish and it means he is definitely the son of some guy. But he won't be trying it on at Tantallon Castle.
Music: Neck Pillow by Silent Partner



It’s Scottish. I believe that MC is son of. So it’s like son of Callum. 

Well, that’s a good question. I mean couldn’t they have thought of someone else? Like, couldn’t you just think of another name? 

The more interesting one is the Douglas which is not my name but it’s back in my father’s lineage. So those guys were like black Douglases and they led these violent quests, killed monarchs, like 400 years ago. There’s a… there’s a castle called Tantallon Castle in Scotland. My dad went there. You walk in and they’re like “that’ll be, you know, four euros please” or whatever it is, four pounds. My dad said, No, no, I’m not going to pay this. This is my castle. And then they said: “’Do you realize everyone says that?”

No, he didn’t get him for free. I think he paid the money.

I think the only the only time I would question my name was that awesome…Boaty Mcboatface came on that was pretty good. Well, because it was MC. It was kind of like this random name, like let’s try and make a name sound kind of proud to just put MC onto it. It’s more legitimate but it’s actually made up. 

One day my parents were like, what’s his name like? William McCallum. I like the fact that my… this is totally superficial…but my name is William Mccallum, it’s like WM, like really easy to like… if I was like a tagger, and I’d be able to to tag really well, because you can just go CCHH. Like W and the M and they  join up. It’s like just a series of squiggly lines. There’s a winery called McWilliams, some sort of decent-ish winery, and they have like an emblem, which is kind of like my name, all these Ws and Ms. 

There’s no A at the start. There’s just two C’s after the M. And also McDonald’s. They don’t capitalize the D. I capitalize the second C. And it goes back to that whole origin thing again. Son of….some guy.